Sparking Possibilities For The Asia Of Tomorrow With DBS Bank

DBS Bank, one of Asia’s leading financial services has a goal: To entrench their Asian Insights Conference as a platform to entrench DBS’ thought leadership on insights for Asia.

The conference was a culmination of a 3-month Asia-wide campaign to bring the best of research insights to the bank’s clients.

The event environment was calibrated to deliver a dynamic event experience that immersed the audience in an “ideas marketplace”

In order to communicate the theme of “Igniting Possibilities for the Asia of Tomorrow”, the conference itself had to be designed to allow attendees to experience and participate in the topics at hand, through technology, carefully selected partnerships and a healthy dose of Asian hospitality.

The marketplace was constantly buzzing with activity! Live media interviews were conducted in the foyer. Guests could pick up DBS propriety reports or interact with insights digitally through iPads. Large screens pumping out live feeds propagated conversations that uncovered new opportunities with DBS relationship managers. A café operated by Bettr Barista, a social enterprise, exemplified how private corporations and social enterprises can collaborate. A digital disruption installation of a traditional ice cream pushcart and the “ice cream of tomorrow” served by a robot allowed guests to experience the impact of digital disruption.

July, 2015
Client: DBS Bank