In A Crowd Of A Thousand, A Very Personal Experience

Olam International – a global agri-business was seeking to craft an event experience befitting their 25 years in the industry.

To formally thank their clients and shareholders for the valued relationships, the business hosted a sit-down dinner event for over 1090 people.

For a large-scale event, the challenge was to create an experience that was intimate for every guest, many of whom were high-ranking officials and dignitaries from around the world

As a result, we paid back-breaking, meticulous attention to every touch point—from registration, individual seating plan, place cards at every seat, down to handing out wet towels and refreshments as guests waited for their valet parked car at the end of the night.

We were guided by the theme of Transcending Boundaries, and brought this concept to life through 2 things:

One, taking into account that the roots of Olam’s heritage are in Nigeria, we flew in live entertainment from Ghana to open and close the evening.  Two, our approach to going above and beyond to ensure the customer journey was more than delightful.

Part of the approach was recognising that authenticity was king – and food served that night had to be top-notch, marked with Olam’s signature. As such, the chefs from Marina Bay Sands brought in the raw ingredients from Olam’s suppliers – so as to maintain the food and drink quality that Olam International pride themselves in.

In all, the team strove to ensure Olam delivered on their brand promise of how “relationships bring rewards”; the reward being the smiles captured on film and memory that extend beyond that one night.

November 2014
Client: Olam International